OOAK Art Dolls by Linda E Charm City Originals

OOAK Art Dolls by Linda E Charm City Originals OOAK Art Dolls by Linda E Charm City Originals OOAK Art Dolls by Linda E Charm City Originals

About the artist Linda Ehrenfried


Native to Baltimore Maryland, Linda Ehrenfried started making dolls in 2008 but began her love of art in early childhood, later taking art classes in both High School and College.  Linda opened her own business in 1994 and gave up art during the 16 years it was open. Then finally returning to creating art 12 years ago and the rest is as they say history.  Linda's favorite saying, "Art is not a hobby when it fills your heart with joy, it is a calling."

Multi Media artist

Linda Ehrenfried uses Paper clay, polymer clay, wood, metal, glass, stone, cloth, fur, jewels, and found and antique items in creating her art. Linda also paints on wood and canvas in 2d and 3d, sews, felts and enjoys dabbles in photography and video creation. Linda has a Youtube channel where she shares free tutorials on sculpting and other doll making concepts.


Linda has been married  26 years to fellow artist Edwin Ehrenfried who is a wood and stone sculpture artist Who trained with the renowned sculptor Ralph Baney.  They have 2 grown children, their son is learning to sculpt as we speak. 

My personal Art Journey

Past works 2008 - 2019

As an artist, I am always stretching my wings creatively. I love to try new things so my style tends to be eclectic. I know that many artists have a style they love and stick to but my muse is fickle and gets bored easily so I tend to find my inspirations dance around like a leaf in the wind. I love working with new materials which is why I love mixed media art. I can work in any direction and let the medium help make my vision a reality.  I primarily do figurative art. I love whimsical fantasy creatures but I  have dedicated many years of practice to achieve a level of realism so I have created a great many different types of art doll. From full figurative sculpture to nearly all cloth to completely mixed media funk and junk creations. Follow this link to see how my style has evolved over the last 11 years. 

Available Work

These are my most recent pieces and my long held favorites. Unlike many artists I am also a collector. I have a few pieces that I created that I adore and have never parted with. If it has a price, it is for sale but most pieces are already sold. click below to see my available work all in one place. Shipping will be calculated after the sale as destination determines price. If you see something you like without a price, contact me and we can discuss a commission where I can make something similar .


There are several sculpting videos on Youtube on my channel.  This is my introduction video from my channel.  There will be a new intro video. If you have been following my Facebook page you know I have been on a weight lose journey and have lost over 100 pounds. I will be remaking my intro-video soon. Hard work but there is new me coming.

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