Njord - Tiger shark merman

Hand sculpted polymer clay sculpture

This piece is my largest and favorite mermaid that I have sculpted to date. It is cantilevered over a giant octopus which I also sculpted using polymer clay and attached to an oak base. The piece is actually made in 2 pieces as it is very large at 21" in length and would not fit in the oven in one piece.  My creation of Njord was done following instruction on how to build the armature from Mark Dennis, who is famous for this style of sculpture and he was sharing tips on his blog at the time which helped me sort out how to make the two part armature so I could acheive this dynamic pose without it being to large or to fragile to bake. I also received some muscle advice from the Shifflet Brothers.  as I had not sculpted a bare chested male figure before.  I spent 6 months creating this one piece and by the end I loved it to much to let him go. He is still in my collection.  If your interested in sculpting male figures check out the links I left above in the text.


Other Mermaids big and small from previous years

Sleeping child mermaid


Melody - Striped mermaid


Blue Mermaid


Mermaid of the mist


Koi mermaid


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Koi mermaid child


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