Cinderella's story continues

This doll sold and is in a private collection

This piece is inspired by the story of Cinderella but with a twist. She has already taken her carriage ride, met and married her prince and is living in her castle, all of which is evident in the piece. This is her preparing for the rest of her story. Her wedding ring, her castle crown and the carriage itself. But this time she is leading the way. Her fairy godmother and her mice friends are along for the ride either inside the carriage or on it and she is powering her journey now.  The outfit has steampunk influences and as well as the brass finish of the carriage shows that she is powering the rest of the story. Happily ever after does not have to mean the end of the story instead it can the beginning of her next chapter. This piece is now in a private collection. She won a Helen Bullard award at the Quinlan show in Philadelphia in 2013.


The story behind the doll. Alice's tilted tea party

This Doll sold and is in a Private collection.

This piece was inspired by the characters in the Alice in Wonderland stories. I found that marvelous metal tea pot and knew immediately what it had to become. The scale of the doll is designed to create the illusion of forced perspective so she appears to be growing taller. Her feet are smaller an she grows gradually bigger as your eye goes up until you reach her head and hands which are comparatively much larger. She has taken a bite of the cookie which has made her grow very large but she is not worried as she also has the drink me bottle which will fix everything. Inside the tea pot is a table and set of chairs set with all of the Hatters cups and tea pots and and her party pals, the March hare and mad hatter are hanging onto the sides. The cheshire cat is pouring himself out of the spout as are few tiny tea cups that are dangling from the front of the cage. Her shows are even in on the story telling being Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. This piece was also made in 2 parts and is also in a private collection. She won a Helen Bullard Award at the Quinlan Doll and Teddy show in Philly the year I made her 2015