My biggest Troll, who is named Trelin

Trelins story

Trelin is a 400-year-old forest Troll. He is very wise and very kind. Kindness in Trolls is not a common characteristic but because he has lived longer than any troll he has ever met, most of which were mean or grumpy, he no longer sees merit in being a grumpy troll because he has found that he always gets more out of being kind.  He does not like humans  very much however as he thinks they smell funny and are loud and usually rude, poking around in his home like they have a right to sneak in or waving their arms and throwing rocks or sticks at him and shouting and screaming at him while running away. How is a Troll to introduce himself if they behave that way. 

Trelin lives in a dugout cave, deep in the forest and spends his days watching out for all the creatures who he calls friends.  His favorites woodland creatures are the birds. He enjoys their songs and feels they have a lot in common since they both love to eat worms and both love to sing. Trelin loves to use their shed feathers to make his bed soft and after 400 years he has a very soft bed. Trelin has keen hearing and is a wonderful bird caller. He can mimic almost every bird whose song he has heard. Except for Ravens, he never repeats the Raven's song. They have no appreciation for his voice and just like humans, they can be pretty rude. 

Trelin has an old mans posture and he can not walk as good as he used to. He used to be 5 feet tall but now he is 4 feet tall. He walks hunched of and squsts most of the time. Luckily he still has very strong arms and can swing through the trees like a monkey.  Trelin is a unique Troll and I know if you even met him you would love listening to his wonderful bird songs. 

About the doll

Trelin in now in a private collection. Trelin hand poseable hands and arms with metal armature and polymer clay fingertips.In fact his hands are so strong he can hang by his hands. He was made with a heavy-duty steel and wood armature to support his large size. His body was sewn using synthetic dark brown fur, posed in a seated or squatting position but with his large tail, which also has heavy wire inside for posing, he is able to support himself. on his large feet. His head, is made with a combo of foam, aluminum foil, tape and a larger then human scale polymer clay face  with glass eyes.