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OOAK Art Dolls.com 

 I am sorry to say this site will be closing by year end.
I am working hard to get it moved but time is running
out and life is getting in the way. I fear I will not have time.
There is never enough time. :(   It has been my pleasure
 providing this service to collectors and artists a like.
I will miss interacting with all of you. Thank you for
your support over the last several years.

Waterfalls by Virginie Ropars
You'll find Virginie's links on artist pg 1

OOAK - Nautilis Mermaid by Nicole West

OOAK by Jamie Lee Dolls


This site is all about One of a kind Art Dolls and the artists who create them.
The home page is getting a make over. All artists from the home page have been moved to the new
Check the site navigation found at the top and bottom of each page.  
OAD is a FREE site and open to all artists. For artist what ever it is your looking for in the art doll supply world
 can be found through our resource pages links. For collectors we are working
to put together in one place every art doll artist so they are right at your finger tips. 
 Each photo represents a different artist. Under each picture are the links to that artists website(s).
Rather then a posting simple brief description of each artist we provide you with a
direct connection to them allowing these amazing artists to share everything they have to offer.
There are currently about 300 artists listed and more are being so check back.
 Feel free to explore and also check out the resource and information pages.
This site for all about figurative art dolls, ooak art dolls, and doll art in general. It is a place where artists and collectors come
together in a way that no other site offers. Thank you for stopping by.
We hope can you take some time and explore all of these wonderful artists sites.
Please sign our guest book if you would like to leave feedback or be listed.


Clicking on an image in this gallery will open a window with an enlarged version of it.


Want to see your doll here. Send me an email Linda@ooakartdolls.com



Want to see your work here add OOAK and OAD to

your Title. They do not have to be in order or next

 to one another but both must be in the Title and

 it will automatically appear here.  

Example: OOAK Mermaid art doll w/ Pearl necklace by Nu-artist OAD

This site if free to all One of a kind doll artists. But as the hosting of the site on Register.com is not Free Donations are greatly appreciated. I set up a paypal button for those who like this site and want to see it stay up and growing.

It has been suggested that my site needs some additional text content. So I will be adding some additional information to each page. These will be one paragraph interruptions I promise.  The main page will get its overhaul and will have news and some other new features. Anyone who has ever received an novel length email from me knows how difficult that is for me to keep it short and up until know I have but accoring to Google and other search engines I need to talk more. GO FIGURE. LOL So please bear with me.
Also if you have any content to contribute. A short doll making story. Famous doll artist quotes". Poems about dolls or doll making. Interesting doll history. Please feel free to email it to me. I will be acknowledging the original authors so if it is not your quote please include the authors name and let me know where it comes from. If it is yours please include your information. Ideally I would like to add quotes from all of you.  Linda@charmcityoriginals.com Collectors I would welcome pictures of your collections and please tell me about what attracts you to OOAK art dolls.


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Know an artists site that belongs on this list. Please forward their name and website to us at Linda@charmcityoriginals.com.

There is much more to come.


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"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. "( Michelangelo ) Michelangelo spoke of marble as it was what was available to him at the time.

Imaging what he could have created had he had Polymer clay.


Kickstarter Link

Doll artist turns Movie producer.
One of our friends a fellow doll artist and teacher Alba Garcia is organizing a kickstarter event to produce a stop motion film with a story line that is near and dear to her heart.
There is a Kickstarter fund raiser in progress. Please be sure to see her original film from Graduate school titled "The Happy Prince". 



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